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Convenient & Comfortable

Dr. Elam - Convenient and Comfortable

We know you are busy. We are too! At Community Dental, we make every attempt to schedule convenient appointments and keep your day on track. In addition to convenience, we also make every attempt to ensure your comfort while you are with us.

As a full service dental clinic, it is our goal to provide all of the services you need to have the optimum dental health. This means our office is stocked with the latest dental equipment and Dr. Elam is up to date on the most recent procedures to address dental complications. From teeth whitening to dental implants, and everything in between, you will find all of your dental needs taken care of at Community Dental.

Just as we understand the need for convenient scheduling, we also understand that sometimes things come up. As part of our service to our clients, we have same day emergency treatment options, because sometimes, it’s not possible to wait. With this type of service, Dr. Elam and our clients have the peace of mind knowing everything is taken care of safely and with the best interest of the client in mind.

It would be impossible to call ourselves full service if we didn’t offer methods for helping our fearful or anxious clients come through their dental treatments comfortable and feeling secure. For this reason, we offer sedation dentistry, as well. The use of sedation during dental procedures actually serves more than one purpose. It certainly works to keep the client calm and anxiety free, while allowing Dr. Elam and his staff to perform more work in a shorter amount of time. It’s a win-win situation for the staff and client alike.

Call today and learn more about our dental clinic. Don’t forget to schedule your visit and consultation while on the phone with our friendly staff.